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Platform Features

eConsent Standard

Digital consent management with automated reconsent management as soon as new information is available. Version control governed by the blockchain protocol.

Visits Tracking

Automated calendarization and tracking of trial visits based on protocol specific schedule of events. Includes visit preparation information for patients and sites.

Adverse Events Alerts

Complete adverse events workflow from reporting to resolution. Automated alerts to the study investigator to track and complete the AE CRF.

Devices & Wearables

Integrate and seamlessly sync data with the patient App. Patient empowered to share data with the sites and monitoring.


Configurable panels for the site personnel to record visit specific, protocol required end points data for both clinic visits and tele-visits.

eConsent Lite

App based tool suitable for all types of research studies requiring consent for participation. Provides study details to participants and shares electronic signed consents on email

Trial Medication Mgmt.

Captures real-time trial medication consumption details with automated alerts and reminders to minimize missed doses and medication stock out.

Questionnaire / eCOA

Deploy and provision any given questionnaires / eCOA instruments and enable timely data collection through patient App.

Lab Reports Sharing

Machine reading feature for pdf copies of lab reports received at a designated email ID and sharing results with site personnel with flags for abnormal results.

Telehealth Support

Multi-party video calling and text chats facilitating omnichannel communication amongst trial participants. Encrypted files of communications stored and access controlled.

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