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Technology Platforms For Decentralized Clinical Trials

eConsent v2.png

eConsent Platform

Digital consent solution to increase comprehension, reduce attrition, enhance compliance.
Patient Engagement (2).png

Patient Engagement Platform

Mobile App to influence patient’s behaviour and reduce site burden through automated alerts, reminders, and tracking.
Patient Engagement
Direct Data Collection
Direct Data Collection.png

Direct Data Collection Platform

Remote, real-time and accurate data collection through eDiaries, Questionnaires, eCOA, devices, wearables.

Telemedicine Platform

Multi-party video calling and text chats platform facilitating omnichannel communication amongst patients and site personnel with ease and convenience.

LifeLedger Platform

Tracking patient’s journey in a clinical trial with remote trial capabilities and real-time interactions linking patients, sites and study teams.

Virtual Clinical Trials

Using Consilx Platforms

Blockchain-based Micro Platforms 

Data proofing.png

Proof of concept study on data / document notarization through public blockchain

Image by John Schnobrich

Assuring data reproducibility while data sharing with external agencies using blockchain protocol

Data sharing.png

Automated and verified safety data sharing within partner network

Patient Browsing.png

Blockchain powered patient health wallet for permissioned sharing of clinical trial data post completion of trial

Image by Irwan iwe

Blockchain technology for ‘managed file transfers’ between various clinical trial stakeholders

Drug Manufacturing tracking.png

Ensuring data integrity in drug manufacturing process through blockchain technology

Partner with us for proof-of-concept implementations on blockchain across the clinical trial ecosystem.

Blockchain Experiments
Image by Charles Forerunner

Partner Network

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Global Top 10 IT & Product Services Company
US Healthcare Management Company
Multiple India
eClinical Service Providers
Details of partners available on request
Partner Network
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